Ages 6 mon. to 5 years

Rocking Rhythm for Toddlers, Acting for Toddlers, Baby Bop for Parents and Toddler classes are the perfect way to introduce your infant or toddler to music. The program's goal is for the child and parent to share in these fun experiences together. The class ages range from 6 months to 5 years. These classes ensure a high-energy, non-competitive atmosphere where your little one can feel safe. Each class uses specific programming to help introduce children and parents to the joy of music. We promise our toddler and baby music classes get everyone involved. Music, rhythm, and acting is an essential part of a child's development.


Ages 6-16 years

Improvisation, scene study, and acting on camera can help build a student’s confidence, self esteem, and advance their creativity. Each class is designed to identify the individual student’s needs.

  • Improvisation teaches children to step out of their comfort zone and challenges their imagination encouraging originality and innovation.
  • Scene study allows for an in-depth anyalsis of a text or creative work. This assists the student in exploring the complexaties of character development, blocking, and stage production.           
  • Acting on camera introduces and expands the student’s exposure and terminology used in the film industry. They will learn how to audition, appropriate film blocking, set etiquette,  and appearance in front of a camera.

This class is focused on students who have an interest in film or theatre, or  want to try something new. Classes are separated by age.

Hip hop

Ages 6-14

Hip hop gives the student freedom of expression through movement. This is a high-energy popular class, offering fun choreography, rhythm and popular music. Classes are separated by age.

Musical theatre dance embodies different levels of dance. Whether the student’s interest is musical theatre, hip hop, lyric, tap or ballet, musical theatre dance embodies all dance discplens used on stage. The student is exposed to movement, acting techniques through dance including vocal projection found in a musical theatre production. Classes are split into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.



Musical Theatre Dance

Ages 6-15