Presented by Bryant Academy for the Arts



$15 ahead $20 at the door

May 12th, 2018 at 3:30pm

Chris Ning and Alan Kulka have been performing together for well over a decade; from rock bands to musicals to private events, they enjoy sharing their gift with others, regardless of the venue or audience size.

Just Us is their acoustic project, where they focus on using one instrument and their voices to recreate music from a wide variety of genres including pop, rock and musical theatre.

This intimate setting allows you to experience some of your favourite music in highlighting the memorable melodies and lyrics.


Raw, transparent and Unique—but that Just Us! Go do you!
— Alan Kulka and Chris Ning

Christopher Ning

Chris Ning has been singing, acting, and writing for the past 15 years. From a young age, he became obsessed with singing and attempting to mimic everyone from Céline Dion to Robert Plant. He attended Cawthra Park’s Regional Arts Program where he became enraptured by theatre, film, and writing. He has since trained with Todd Wieczorek in the Western University Vocal Program, Diana Yampolsky from The Vocal Science Studios, casting director Jules Fitzsimmons and Fulcher acting coach John Hamilton. In 2007, he wrote, produced, performed on, and released an album called “Losing My Faith” which received Toronto Exclusive Magazine “Album of the Year”, Indie Solo “Song of the Year” and reached Top 10 on 94.9 The Rock charts. He has since pursued theatre, having the honour of bringing iconic roles to life including: Che (Evita), Judas (JCS), Jesus (JCS), Joseph (Joseph and TATDC), Judah (Joseph and TATDC), Aaron Burr (Hamilton, Arts Alive), Lola (Kinky Boots, Arts Alive) and most recently The Plant/Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors). He has toured North America singing in multiple groups and representing a range of genres. From electro-punk-art group Other Families, rock group 7D2P, cover band Hearaftter, to performing in the “Grant Us Peace” program at Carnegie Hall. He has performed alongside Alana Bridgewater, Erica Black, Elena Juatco, Alvin Crawford and Syndee Winters to name a few. You can also catch him being a completely silent but stoic cop on Rookie Blue and featured on YouTube and the world wide web with a quick Google search. 


Alan Kulka

Alan Kulka is a driven, charismatic and eclectic artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. His songwriting is informed by a wide range of influences, ranging from classical music to 80s rock and 90s pop and contemporary hip-hop and other forms of modern music, just to mention a few.

As a result of his eclectic taste, Alan creates music that sounds incredibly diverse, exploring different genres ranging from pop and rock to R&B and hip-hop.

Currently, Alan is working on brand new material that is expected to be published soon.

Find out more about Alan Kulka and don’t miss out on his recent releases and activities: