Follow the Beat is a workshop created to work with student’s and parent’s busy schedules. It incorporates acting, dance, and yoga for all ages. This monthly workshop is taught by Natasha Giroux and Samantha Ballard.


LOCATION: 1315 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, Ontario




 9:30 to 10:30am: Little One Hip Hop (Ages 3 to 5)

 10:30 to 11:30am: Little One Acting (Ages 3 to 5) 

 12 to 1pm: Youth Hip Hop
(Ages 8 to 14) 

1 to 2pm: Flexibility conditioning (Ages 16+) 

2 to 3 pm: Dance Fusion (Ages 16+)

*Discount when you sign up for multiple classes.


Rocking Rhythm and Beat $10

This class is the perfect way to introduce your infant to music and dance. The program's goal is for the child and parent to share in these fun experiences together. The class ages range from 6 months to 2 years. These classes ensure a high-energy, non-competitive atmosphere where your little one can feel safe. Each class uses specific programming to help introduce children and parents to the joy of music. We promise our toddler and baby music classes get everyone involved. Music, rhythm, and acting is an essential part of a child's development.

Little One Yoga $10

Toddlers will learn the fundamentals of yoga through music, games, and a series of different poses. This allows each child to feel mindful, confident, and aware of their bodies. Yoga helps with concentration in a world filled with distractions.

Little One Hip Hop $10 and Youth Hip Hop $12

Hip hop kids get to feel like superstars while learning some of today’s trendy dance moves. The music is fresh and fun, and will keep each child moving and grooving. It gives the student freedom of expression through movement. This is a high-energy popular class, offering fun choreography, rhythm, and popular music. 

Little One Acting $10

Acting is for those children who lack self-confidence or are eager to perform. This group lessons help with speech, movement, and stage presence. 

Youth Broadway Dance $12

This class embodies different levels of dance. Whether the student’s interest is musical theatre, hip hop, lyric, tap, or ballet, musical theatre dance embodies all dance disciplines used on stage. The student is exposed to movement, and acting techniques through dance including vocal projection found in a musical theatre production.

Flexibility Conditioning $12

During the course of the class we will be stretching every major muscle group while listening to upbeat music that keeps us energized and motivated. This class not only helps you gain flexibility, but it reduces your risk of injury and helps with muscle recovery. This class is open to non dancers

Dance Fusion $13

This class allows everyone to get a glimpse of the most current and popular dance forms. Here you will become more aware of your bodies as we practice rhythm and movement while learning various dance disciplines. 


Natasha Giroux

At the age of 15, Natasha starting studying various disciplines of dance in high school ranging from ballet to hiphop. In 2010, Natasha attended George Brown College where she earned a certificate in Commercial Dance Studies. The following year, Natasha moved out to California where she attended the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. After finishing her year in California, Natasha auditioned and got accepted to go on three different Young Americans Music Outreach Tours. She had the privilege of travelling throughout Eastern Europe, Japan and the USA teaching music outreach workshops for kids. After travelling for nearly three years, Natasha moved back to Toronto where she started working for a mobile company called In the Mix, teaching  children's hip hop and yoga programs. In 2016, Natasha became a fully certified kids yoga instructor through Rainbow Kids Yoga and started to dive more into the art of creating a healthy mind and body. Natasha has such a love for teaching children of all ages and that is what makes her such a compassionate and well-rounded teacher.