Career Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a seasoned professional artist and discuss:

·      Financial Planning

·      Resume configuration 

·      Multimedia management

·      Development of artist image

·      Working abroad

·      Bridging the gap between stage and film

·      Proper attire 


Audition Preparation

Wonder why you aren’t booking? Work with one of our coaches to help you develop techniques to successfully book those commercials, T.V and film roles.


Monologue Coaching

Find the monologue that best represents, while building confidence and a sense of ease in the audition room.



Shakespeare Coaching

Understanding the world’s most complex playwright can be difficult. Each coaching session will focus on unlocking the heart and true meaning of Shakespeare, while successfully identifying rhetoric in his text.

Dialect Coaching

One of our coaches will help you train your voice and will work with you to focus on consistency and clarity of your chosen accent. This is perfect for the artist wanting to focus on voiceover work.